Elite Level Physiotherapy, Bike Fitting, Running Assessments and Sports Massage

"Our goal was to establish the best physiotherapy clinic in the world"

Bevan Colless

Singapore Physio Founder

Bevan Colless

Singapore Physio Founder

Physiotherapy, Bike Fitting, Running Assessments, Remedial Massage, Strength and Conditioning, Exercise Physiology

Our facilities are unparalleled. We provide a level of care previously unavailable to the public in Singapore. 


We are committed to providing elite-level care with world-leading facilities. Singapore Physio Elite Therapy Clinic offers a premium physiotherapy service and a unique level of care in Singapore.


Our clinics are in beautiful spaces with world-leading physiotherapy equipment.

Our clinics have the most comprehensive range of injury rehabilitation equipment in Singapore, if not the world. We have a range of specialty equipment to cover almost any rehabilitation and recovery need.

Our Expertise

Our Physiotherapists are trained in the world’s finest universities and have extensive experience.

Our therapists have a range of specialties to cover most rehabilitation and recovery needs. We have physiotherapists who specialise in spinal and pelvic conditions, others who are experts in knees, shoulders and ankles, and also some specialists in running and cycling injuries.

Injuries we Treat

We have a particular interest in high-end physiotherapy provision for a wide range of injuries and pain, including sports injuries, post-surgery rehabilitation, lower back and neck pain, women’s health and paediatric physiotherapy. We have a special interest in non-surgical management of injuries, especially of the knee and shoulder.

We specialise in care for conditions such as:

We accept all major insurance and may be able to direct bill.

For more information on our services please feel free to call, message or email for further information.

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