Ellie Cheale – Dietitian

Ellie Cheale


Qualified from:

Plymouth University in the United Kingdom.

Past employment:

Community dietitian – East Suffolk and North Essex Foundation Trust (NHS, UK)

Clinical dietitian – Basildon University Hospital (London, UK)

Started my own private dietetics business last year


I have had a passion for food and how it impacts the body from a young age after adapting my own diet for different reasons such as acne and IBS, experiencing first-hand the life-changing effects of a good diet. I am able to empathise and use communication skills to work with my clients to reach their individual goals. After gaining experience working in both the acute hospital and outpatient community settings, I have had exposure to a range of different conditions and diets to combat many conditions and diseases. I love cooking and enjoy finding new recipes that I can incorporate into my practice and help people discover new meals and lifestyle habits.

The mechanisms between exercise and nutrition fascinates me, so working with people to achieve their goals, seeing the improvement in their health and well-being and performance is something I find rewarding.

Happiest doing when not working:


My motto:

“don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it”

Someone you admire:

Ash Barty


Retired as woman’s number one tennis player at the age of 25 in order to seek happiness and success in future ventures.
Inspiring female role model, promoting health and active lifestyle in a number of sports
Redefined what success meant for her and proved how personal everyone’s objectives and goals really are, whether that be in sport, mental health and wellbeing, or day to day life.

Most outstanding achievement:

Moving from the UK to Singapore.
Achieving an honours degree in Dietetics
Winning gold in the Works Skills UK competition for Environmental Science.

What would you cook if you came around for dinner?

my infamous chilli con carne

Where should we go on holiday:

In the wine valley of Franschhoek, South Africa in the warm sun
Kitzbühel, Austria for the Skiing in the colder months

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