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Why Choose Singapore Physio?


Our therapists have studied and trained at the finest physiotherapy universities in the world.

Australia and England are considered global leaders in physiotherapy and their graduates are highly sought after around the globe. 

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We are well-respected in the industry.

Bevan Colless presents to physiotherapists around Asia on new developments regarding snow sports, endurance sports, running injuries and more. Vanessa Colless presents on women’s health and triathlon injuries.

Our facilities are state of the art.

Our clinic is appointed with the latest injury management equipment, selectively sourced from around the world.
This includes the VALD equipment and software, Exxentric Box, Fast Twitch Isokinetic sport equipment & Game Ready icing system, which many surgeons insist is used pre and post-operation.

World-leading women’s health provider.


We have over a decade of experience assisting a wide range of pre- and postnatal issues, including abdominal training, incontinence and pelvic floor retraining. We have a dedicated private space with ample room for mother and baby.

Bike fits and running assessments.

We provide bike fitting and running assessments with video analysis and a F.I.S.T. certified bike fitter. The assessments are conducted by top level athletes who understand cycling and running.

Digital exercise programs.

Say goodbye to the badly drawn stick figures for your exercises.
We have the telehab software and at the completion of your appointment you will receive an email with a link to your own personal ‘exercise page’ with photos, videos, instructions and prescriptions for your home rehabilitation program.

Online appointment booking.

Our software enables you to log-on, choose your therapist, select a suitable time and book your appointment and will send you instant email confirmation.

You don’t have to disturb those around you with phone calls and you can take as much time as you like selecting the right appointment for you.

Location and Parking.

We are centrally located within Camden Medical Centre at Orchard Blvd. Free parking is available on site upon request.

We have multiple locations.
This means comprehensive care for you and your family. Our centralised digital clinical notes and treatment systems ensure seamless continuity of your care in all of our locations.

Most experienced collection of therapists in Singapore.

Our team of therapists have multiple years of post graduate experience.

This ensures that whatever your condition, your therapist will probably have seen it before and will be well-equipped to get you better.