In accordance with government directive Singapore Physio is opening each Wednesday only until June 1.

We will also be offering Telehealth consultations.

For Face to Face Consultations they must

  1. Participate in a triage consultation to check for Covid 19 symptoms
  2. Be unsuitable for telehealth consultations
  3. Have a condition which is reducing function and quality of life and if the service is not provided or performed, would result in a significant or rapid deterioration of the patient’s/client’s condition, and potentially threatening their health and well-being.

More information on telehealth below:

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is the ability to convey a medical or health consultation at a distance.

So basically the patient and the therapist may be in two separate locations yet a health service is being conducted.

Can you do Physiotherapy through Telehealth?

People traditionally think of Physio as being a very hands-on profession, but in fact a lot of it is to do with putting together groups of symptoms to come up with the right diagnosis, which then leads to a rehabilitation plan which can be conveyed through exercise apps and that sort of thing.

So there’s actually a lot more that can be done online with Physio consultations than people think and it makes it a really viable way for people to make sure they’re doing the right thing for their injury when they otherwise can’t access the care.

Is It Safe?

It absolutely is safe but the most important thing is that the therapist is following the same code of ethics, the same professional standards that they would if they were conveying face-to-face care.

So things in terms of confidentiality, security of documents, having indemnity insurance apply as the would in face to face consultations as they do in the online space.

Will My Health Insurance Cover it?

In our consultations all health insurers have informed us they will cover telehealth consultations as they would an in-clinic consultation, provided they are in the same country and have a registered business and are licensed and follow all the normal requirements of that health profession.

How Does a Consultation Work?

After clicking on a link through your appointment confirmation a video chat will be initiated through our practice management software. This has a higher security level than the video chats such as Zoom/Skype/Facetime.   You will then have a one on one consultation with your physiotherapist that will run very similar to a normal consultation. They will take a history of the condition or get an update on progress since your previous session, conduct a physical assessment by observation and instruction you to perform a range of movements and tests. The physio will then instruct you through a set of exercises and provide management strategies. You will also be given a digital home exercise program with prescribed sets and reps.

How do I pay?

We are enabled and fully synched through Stripe, and you pay for the consultation using your credit or debit card. An invoice will be issued by email for you to claim.

Any More Questions on Telehealth?

If you have any more questions, our receptionist Marie will be working full time so feel free to give her a call on 6887 4190, email or What’s App message.