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Shoulder Labrum Tears


The labrum is a soft fibrous tissue rim that surrounds the socket to help stabilize the joint and keep the ball centred in the socket.

Tears can be located either above (superior) or below (inferior) the middle of the glenoid socket.

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SLAP Lesion

A SLAP lesion (superior labrum, anterior [front] to posterior [back]) is a tear of the rim above the middle of the socket that may also involve the biceps tendon.

A tear of the rim below the middle of the glenoid socket that also involves the inferior glenohumeral ligament is called a Bankart lesion.

Tears of the glenoid rim often occur with other shoulder injuries, such as a dislocated shoulder (full or partial dislocation).

Rehabilitation Program

In labral tears not-related to dislocation, surgery is not common as it involves 6 weeks full time in a sling and results are often variable.
Physiotherapy aims to stabilise the ball in the socket with the rotator cuff so even if torn, the labrum does not cause pain or reduce function. We can create your rehabilitation program to restore strength and mobility.