Roots in Performance Sport

The foundation of Singapore Physio is built on the foundation of high performance sport.  Our Elite Performance Clinic is our dedication to  those roots.

With the aim to develop new and progressive treatments to help you reach your sporting goals.

From skiing, triathlon, football, rugby, cycling, and everything in between our clinic and team have a long history in athletic pursuits. This knowledge and experience is here to progress you to the next level.

Bike Fitting

Not only a Bike fit, but it’s also a physiotherapy consultation, a thorough physical assessment including world-leading digital human measurement technology, and a tailored conditioning program. These sports science technologies have generally been only available for professional sporting teams and sports institutes, and research departments. Now Singapore Physio E.P.C. is one of the first bike fit studios to bring them to the public.

Elite Performance Youth Program

The Elite Performance Youth Program is designed for junior athletes aged 8-18 to address the needs of junior athletes looking to achieve elite-level athletic performance and fitness.

Biomechanical Running Assessment

Running assessments are for anyone looking to improve their running efficiency, speed and to address or prevent the causes of injuries. At Singapore Physio, we have been working with elite professional and amateur runners for many years.

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