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Insurance Considerations

We accept a range of local and international insurance.

We can also direct bill insurance companies in certain circumstances. See below to see how you may be able to use insurance.

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Travel Insurance
Most of our patients use travel insurance and can claim the cost of their treatment without a problem. We have been working with travel insurance providers around the world for many years, and we have an excellent relationship with them. Your insurance assesses each case individually and makes decisions on its merits and the type of policy. In addition to the treatment fee you may also be able to claim the cost of braces, slings, flight socks and other accessories to assist your mobility and ensure a safe journey home.
For longer-term guests and seasonal staff, we may be able to direct bill your insurance – see below for further information on direct billing. If you require a flight upgrade or special assistance, we can work with International SOS to assist your return home. Our invoices are formatted with the information that most claims require. If you require a letter or report we can provide this for a small extra fee.

International Health Insurance
Many ex-pats have health insurance that will cover them while they are in Japan. We have long-established relationships with sizeable international health insurers like Cigna, Bupa, AXA, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Allianz, Aetna, and more. We have been working with these companies for more than 20 years, and most of our invoices are processed without question. If they do require further assistance, we can provide reports or other explanations for why a particular treatment was needed.

Japanese National Health Insurance
Unfortunately, Japanese National Health Insurance does not cover private physiotherapy.

Workers’ Compensation or Accident Indemnity
We can often claim workers’ compensation or indemnity insurance directly from Japanese insurance companies. We require a letter of guarantee (LOG) from the insurer to state how much they will cover, and then we can bill them directly.

Direct Billing
We can direct bill insurance companies for ongoing cases that require more than six sessions of physiotherapy. We need a letter of guarantee (LOG) that states the insurance company will bear the costs of treatment and any products. Until the LOG is supplied, we can provide treatment without payment, provided we require a security deposit or credit card.