The Elite Therapy Clinic Rehabilitation Membership

Singapore Physio’s Elite Therapy Clinic is not only a multi-disciplinary physiotherapy and allied health clinic but also a world-class gym and rehabilitation facility. Working with physiotherapists, exercise physiologists and dietitians, we collaborate to provide unrivalled outcomes. However, once you have an established rehabilitation program, some patients may prefer to train guided by a video-based program or supervised by an exercise physiologist. Hence we have introduced a rehabilitation membership model with self-access to our gym.

This program is ideal for patients who do not require manual or electrotherapy, especially in late-stage rehabilitation and return to sports training.

  • All members must first have had an initial physiotherapy consultation, and at least two follow up physiotherapy consultations.
  • The Physiotherapist will design a rehabilitation program using our Telehab software for home and or gym use and monitor and measure the response to the initial rehabilitation sessions.
  • Once purchasing a membership, the patient will be issued a digital key to allow access to the rehabilitation facility out of hours.
  • Before training, the member logs in to one of our iPads and is guided through their bespoke rehabilitation program by video instructions and timing.
  • An exercise physiologist will be on the ETC clinic floor during opening hours. Membership training during opening hours. With our video programs and exercise physiologist, we aim to create an environment where everyone can feel supported in their training, even when working out by themselves.
  • A maximum of 4 members can train at any time to ensure access to rehabilitation equipment. Training slots can be reserved and booked online before training.

A consultation with a physiotherapist is recommended periodically to re-measure strength, power and flexibility improvements and then adjust the program to the patient’s new level.

Home Rehabilitation

Members have access to their bespoke conditioning program, so they train at home or on a business trip. Our training app allows you to access your program anytime, anywhere. You can record your training history and physical exertion and even video yourself training for your therapist to provide feedback on your technique on your next visit.

Shared-Decision Making

We will work closely with health care professionals within our team and with your specialist, general practitioner, sports doctor or surgeon to update them on your progress and receive their feedback on progression.

Further Information

If you would like any more information on our membership program please do get in touch and one of our staff would love to answer any of your questions.

Phone: 6518 3668
Email: info@singaporephysio.com

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The Elite Therapy Clinic is launching within Camden Medical.

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Phone: 6518 3668
Email: info@singaporephysio.com

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