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Seminars and Professional Development

We offer seminars and presentations on a range of topics.

Bevan Colless is one of the leading experts in Asia on running injuries and snow sports injuries.

He is available to conduct courses for physiotherapists, corporations, runners and clubs. 

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New Directions In Running

Covering the following topics;
  • Training methods and techniques to prevent injuries and run more efficiently
  • Shoe Selection – How to choose the right one – race shoes vs training shoes.
  • Orthotics – when should I start or stop using them?
  • Barefoot Running/ Vibram Five Fingers / Minimalist shoes – are they for me?
  • The biomechanical influences of footwear
  • Forefoot vs. Heel striking – Do I need to change?
  • Integrating new running concepts through practical experimentation
  • History of ACL management
  • The current method of ACL management
  • Future of ACL care
  • ACL Healing
  • Graft Choices
  • When to Have your Operation
  • Bracing for ACLs
  • How to Rehab an ACL
  • History of bike fitting
  • Stack and Reach method
  • Digitising motion capture- what are the options
  • How to adjust a saddle height
  • Advantages of fore-after
  • Aerodynamic considerations
  • Advantages of Dropper Seats
  • Most common ski injuries
  • Most common snowboard injuries
  • MCL Injuries – How to manage them
  • ACL tears -Diagnosis and management
  • Wrist Fractures
  • Do wrist guards work?
  • Shoulder Dislocation
  • Shoulder Separation
  • Syndesmosis Injuries -Why correct bracing is critical
  • Calf muscle tears – can you ski before you can walk?
  • Prevention of Injuries -how to prepare for a ski trip
  • Swimming Biking and Running Vs SwimBikeRUN
  • Trispecific training
  • Swim techniques
  • Breathing hints
  • Wetsuit selection
  • Bike – Tri Vs Road
  • Aerodynamic Gains
  • How to get Free Speed on a Bike
  • Power Meters and race management
  • Fueling
  • Run Techniques

Snow Sports Injuries And Acl Management

Bevan spent eight years as the main on-mountain health provider in Japan’s premier international snow resort of Niseko, treating acute snow sports injuries every day.

With special interest in acute knee injuries, especially the anterior cruciate ligament, he regularly presents to physiotherapists and doctors on the following topics;

Covering the following topics;

  • Snow sport injury statistics
  • Wrist guards – do they work?
  • Skiers vs Snowboarders – who gets injured the most and what injuries do they suffer?
  • Acute knee injury management
  • Do I need an ACL reconstruction?
  • What graft site should I choose for my ACL? 

The Presenter; Bevan Colless

Bevan has degrees in sports science and physiotherapy and with his wife Vanessa, he established Tokyo Physio in 2002 and Singapore Physio in 2013.

He is also Tokyo’s leading expat triathlete coach and trained marathon runner Mara Yamuchi for the Beijing Olympics. Bevan is a life-long runner and triathlete working with athletes of all levels from the elite, to adults setting out to tackle their first race. Bevan presents seminars for the Hong Kong Physiotherapy association and various running and triathlon clubs.

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