Chang Lee You, AKA “Chang”, has been working in the sports and conditioning field for eight years. He works with people of all ages, from pre-schoolers through to senior citizens, as a rugby coach, strength and conditioning coach and fall prevention instructor for seniors.

Throughout his career, he has developed a passion for performance development, injury management and the return to sport recovery process. As a certified strength and conditioning coach and sports massage therapist, Chang has assisted athletes from different sporting backgrounds with their recovery process and helped them return to enjoying their sporting activities. Equipped with fall prevention and strength and condition knowledge for seniors, he has also worked with seniors who enjoy being active and keep and stay active.

As a rugby player for over 15 years, Chang has represented Singapore and also coached the women’s national rugby team. Chang is familiar with high-performance pathways and works with several junior athletes looking to reach the elite level through our Elite Performance Academy.

“Chang” also enjoys various sports such as Brazilian jiujitsu, soccer and tennis. Having his own injuries through sports, Chang can empathise with his patients about their injuries, and give them the confidence to believe in themselves through their recovery process. He believes that having confidence and patience is the key to all recovery and performance processes.